Neck and Decollete

We tend to pay focus on the face, and often neglect the skin on the chest and neck, commonly called the décolletage. This area is particularly vulnerable to visible signs of aging, since the skin is finer when compared to other areas of the body. It is also composed of fewer sebaceous glands. Without these natural emollients, your skin dries out more quickly, making it more vulnerable to daily harm from light rays, wind, cold, pollution and other factors. As a result, lines, wrinkles, red spots, welts and pigment spots appear more rapidly when compared to other areas of your body.
Wright's med spa has several treatment options to remove imperfections, help improve the appearance and tighten this delicate skin by stimulating new collagen. Treatments range from:



Jet Peel

RF Treatment

Ultrasound Treatment

Chemical Peels

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