Botox Facial

A botox facial utilizes the micro-channels created during a microneedling treatment to deliver serums deep into skin without effecting muscle movement. Other microneedling procedures serums or stem cell growth factor serums to enhance the wound healing cascade that naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production which creates younger, more rejuvenated looking skin.

More about Botox

Botox, however, has the added affect of a slight tightening of the skin. A botox facial is a great option for individuals who seek a non-invasive option to smooth fine lines but are concerned about looking frozen, which is a result of overdone botox. After cleansing the skin and applying numbing anesthetic, the microneedling device of choice ( pen-like system) is then gently moved across the treatment area, creating many, tiny, micro-injuries.

The size of the needle is typically 0.1-0.25mm in diameter. There are a number of ways to deliver the botox based serum into the skin. The microneedling device itself has an internal system that simultaneously delivers the botox into the skin during the collagen-induction therapy, the practitioner spreads the serum over the skin and then perform the microneedling treatment, additionally the botox serum is spread over the created micro-channels after the procedure has been completed.

The goal of a botox facial is to give clients tighter, younger looking skin, decreasing pores, minimizing acne, and resulting in a more rejuvenated appearance while delivering nutrients to the skin.

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