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Dr. Scaffidi, as the chief and founder of Weight Loss, Women's Health & Aesthetics is committed to helping you improve your health allowing you to feel better about yourself. In addition to medical weight management, he has a full line of high tech Skin Solutions, state of the art Body Sculpting, IV all natural Nutritional Remedies and Women's Health.

Injectable Remedies Designed by Dr. Scaffidi

All of these injectable remedies can be administered one of three ways:

1. Slow & Steady 45-60 min (Highest amount of nutrients & fluid in an IV drip- best quality found anywhere.) 

2. Fast & Functional 15-20 min (Plenty of nutrients & less fluid; a very effective drip taking less than half the time.) 

3. Good & Quick 5 min (IM injection with a big nutrient dose for those on a budget or don’t have time to spare. 

These remedies are customized for individualized specific needs. Some specific conditions treated include:

Used to improve the following:

Immunity, Memory, Focus, Alertness, Physical Energy, Performance
& Recovery, youthful, Glowing Complexion, Healing.

These injectable nutrients bypass the gut, and are 100 % absorbed, saturate cells quickly & provide rapid effects.  Oral nutrients must go through the gut, are only 20-30% absorbed, take many hours for effects & many times the best effects can’t be achieved without intestinal cramping, pain, nausea &/or diarrhea.

Effects occur within minutes to hours & last for days to weeks.  Since everyone is unique with different needs, results may vary.  Some drips have effects that aren’t felt , but still do their job.  Remedies are usually repeated every 4-6 weeks, but can be redone more often or combined with different ones every 2-3 weeks. 

Contact Dr. Scaffidi via his website: or calling 610-821-8321, to “Get Healthy, Feel Good & Look Great!”

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